Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

buy online cytotec 200 mcg Only POC directors? Revolutionary huh? Well here are some FAQ...

Do you take Online submissions?

source Yes we do! If you are a POC film-maker and you'd like your work to be featured on People Of Colours, please email us at We have a collective selection 4 times a year. If we like your work we'll invite you to the collective via email.

Are your events open to anyone?

follow Yes, anyone can come to our events. We want to be an inclusive space. Please keep in mind we are a strictly no homophobia, no sexism, no racism space.

What is a Person of Colour? Is that an "ok" term to use?

For more information on the term please have a read of this.

A person of colour is someone who doesn't identity as ethnically 'white', that can include mix race people.

We don't really want to be the ones telling you what is or isn't POC- if you self identity as a Person of Colour then we will welcome your film/VR submission.

We are an inclusive diverse community hoping to grow.

We deliberately have a dynamic curation cycle formed by the POC members to allow all gender and races a say in the editorial control of the website and events.

We always welcome feedback to our events, if you have anymore questions feel free to email